Advocates have been working for many years to support Vermonters affected by Lyme disease, and they continue to care deeply about the diagnosis, treatment and experience of Vermonters with tick-borne diseases.

Many states with much lower incidence than Vermont have multiple non-profit groups related to supporting and informing citizens with Lyme disease. will be the first (and only) such organization in Vermont, where the incidence of Lyme disease is often the highest in the U.S. is meant to be a source of information and support for Vermonters with Lyme and tick-borne diseases. Our goal is to be apolitical, collaborative, science and evidence-based, and patient oriented. We hope to work in an environment of mutual respect, and facilitate dialogue and collaboration with Vermont’s health care providers and medical institutions.

That being said, we cannot ignore the lack of resources in Vermont, or the national controversy about treatment that impacts so many Vermonters struggling with health problems related to Lyme and tick-borne diseases.

While advocacy is not the main goal of, we do acknowledge there is a need for change. We hope the conversation in Vermont can be focused on ways to help Vermonters, and believe the ongoing debate about Lyme disease treatment and research does not address the experience of Vermonters who are suffering. hopes to increase collaboration between patients, medical providers, researchers, and policy makers with the goal of creating an environment where all Vermont residents feel supported, and have access to correct and timely diagnosis and effective treatments for tick-borne diseases.