VTLyme.org has partnered with the Global Lyme Alliance to provide a Lyme disease prevention and awareness curriculum to children in Vermont.

Global Lyme Alliance has developed an educational curriculum including workbooks, teachers’ guides, and online activities designed to prevent tick-bites and promote awareness of tick-borne diseases.

VTLyme.org is excited to bring this educational program to Vermont. See the links below for more information, and please contact us if you have questions, or would like to help VTLyme.org teach Vermont kids how to prevent Lyme and tick-borne diseases!

How to Access the Global Lyme Alliance K-12 Lyme Disease Prevention Curriculum:

  • Go to the Global Lyme Alliance website’s “Education & Resources” link
  • Below the introduction is the headline, “Free Lyme Disease Prevention Student Curriculum and Teachers Workbooks” and three images. The one on the left is for the free workbook and printables, and the one in the center is for the interactive digital curriculum.
  • Choose the correct curriculum for the age of your students – Elementary School, Middle School or High School
  • You will be asked to enter some basic information – this will NOT be shared with a third party
  • The Global Lyme Alliance’s Lyme prevention and education resources will then be available for you to access for your classroom